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This site is here to help women step up to leadership positions.


The aim is to see more women take their place at the decision making tables in all aspects of society.

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 Why this is for you

from Anthea

This is an opportunity for me to give back. I'm not here to sell a product or service.

I have had a long and interesting career. Read my story here.


My Vision is that this site will encourage, support and inspire you on your journey. During my career I really had no one or nowhere to go to get the support or the stories of other women on the same path.

I have experienced the highs and lows of success and hesitation. The women you will hear from have too…podcasts, blogs, information, guidance and support from colleagues for you.

I have been there

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Success can be infectious - listen to these women. Hear, reflect, plan, share and take a step forward. This site is here to help you, support you and throw a light on the way forward.

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