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This site is here to help women step up to leadership positions.


The aim is to see more women take their place at the decision making tables in all aspects of society.

Women on the move!

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   This site aims to help

women in their 30s and

 40s plus step up to

      .leadership positions

 If you want to achieve       

new heights

 in your career

this website offers help

with podcasts

.blogs and information

Climbing the highest peaks

Hear the voices

of those who

have done it 



support and

insight from

their stories.

 Why this is for you

from Anthea

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I have had a long and interesting career.You can read my story here.

My vision is that Women Who Stand Up will be the encouragement, support and inspiration you need on your journey.  



We have been there

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I have experienced the highs and lows of success and hesitation. The women you will hear from have too…podcasts, blogs, information, guidance and support from colleagues for you.

Our Promise

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Women Who Stand Up is here

to support, inspire and create courage in women who want to make changes in their lives and take on leadership roles.

The aim is to see more women

take their place at the decision-making tables in all aspects of society.

This website gives you stories of women like you who have taken that first step and made a difference. People who have walked the road can often  show the way ahead.

Listen to our podcasts, read the blogs, subscribe to our News updates or send us feedback on what you would like to hear about.

Success can be infectious - listen to these women. Hear, reflect, plan, share and take a step forward. This site is here to help you, support you and throw a light on the way forward.

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