• Anthea Green

Fast facts - Women in Leadership

Gender workplace statistics at a glance 2018-19 by Australian Government August 2019

Latest results from the Agency’s 2017-18 dataset show: Women hold;

  • 13.7% of chair positions

  • 25.8% of directorships

  • 17.1% of CEOs

  • 30.5% of key management personnel (WGEA 2019, Data Explorer)

  • 35.2% of boards and governing bodies have no female directors

  • By contrast, only 0.9% had no male directors (WGEA 2018, Australia's Gender Equality Scorecard)

Real-time statistics from the Australian Institute of Company Directors reveal:

  • 29.6% of directors in the ASX 200 are women (May 2019)

  • Women comprised 45.4% of new appointments to ASX 200 boards in 2018

Workforce Participation

  • Women comprise 47.0% of all employed persons in Australia; 25.6% of all employed persons are women working full-time, and 21.4% are working part-time* (ABS 2019, Labour Force)

  • Women constitute 37.3% of all full-time employees and 68.1% of all part-time employees (ABS 2019, Labour Force)

  • The workforce participation rate** is 61.1% for women and 71.3% for men (ABS 2019, Labour Force)

  • The workforce participation rate among those aged 15-64 years is 74.0% for women and 83.3% for men (ABS 2019, Labour Force)

* Part-time refers to all employed persons who usually worked less than 35 hours a week and either did so during the reference week or did not work that week.

** Participation rate is the sum of the employed and unemployed divided by total population from age 15 onwards.