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Updated: Mar 5, 2019

About my career

I had a strange start to my career failing to get a University place. I went nursing for a year but went back to a technical college to get University admission. That done I went on to study Buddhism and South East Asia with no career in mind just a passion for understanding that religion. This was the time of the War in Vietnam. My background of my father being killed in the Korean War and buried in South Korea created an interest in Asia. It also made me a pacifist.

I started my career not knowing where I was going. Doors opened, and I went through them. I began work in the federal public service in Canberra after a chance meeting. Several other chance opportunities eventually led me to the role of Policy Advisor to the Hon. Peter Collins as he took over as Minister for Health NSW 1988. That was an amazing experience and one I treasure. I was a single mum by now and so could not sustain that pace for more than a year. After that, I was offered the role of General Manager Royal Hospital for Women NSW in 1989 - 1992.

Since then I have had a career in managing health care organisations that deliver health, aging or disability services in the public, private and not for profit sectors in Australia and New Zealand. I have been a Chief Executive for over 23 years. In my work, I have striven to add value regarding the quality of services, revenue and profit and relevant policies to the organisations I lead. In 2002-2008 as Managing Director of Australian Hearing I increased revenue by 57%, EBITDA grew from 6% to 12%, and I strove to make the service very client friendly. It was an honour to be a finalist twice in the NSW Telstra Business Woman of the Year, government sector category during that time. This organisation also won recognition for its quality of services and its Chief Finance Officer. I went on to add value and quality programs to an organisation that was a privately owned aged care provider across nine nursing homes.

I am currently a Director on a Board for Focus Life, an NFP organisation that looks after people with significant disability in Victoria. I am also part of a team that runs seminars for Victoria University in Culture Change Management. My focus is on actual management action inside an organisation for change. In the last few years, I have worked on my fitness and run a 10 K fun run at 70 years old.

About Me

I grew up without a father. He died in the Korean War. My mother and grandmother brought me up. Looking with hindsight, I grew up with no male-female sex role conditioning. My mother and grandmother did everything they had to. My mother carved out a career. I had no idea about male and female roles or relationships. I was given the freedom to be who I was and to be strong in being me. That was a blessing as it gave me the freedom to have a career, but it was sad in that I had no idea how to develop a man-woman relationship. I did well in my career and stumbled in relationships.

I do have two wonderful sons who lovingly took the journey with me. They saw a woman who could be a mother and a career girl. I now have a loving relationship and a wonderful blended family with eight grandchildren, four of my own. I dedicate this website and work to them and you as you find your way ahead to make a difference.

Standing Up

Many times in my career I stood up for what I believed in and took great leaps of faith into new ways of doing things, new technology, new approaches and new styles and culture change. Courage was my constant companion, and quality assurance was my safety net. However, it was a very lonely journey with little support.

On this website, I am talking to many wonderful women who have taken their journey’s so you can hear how they did it and get encouragement, inspiration and courage for yours. This website is their story and your privilege to share it. We are here so you can feel our support and know we are here for you.

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