• Anthea Green

You are never too old to change careers

Has a colleague ever told you that they're still trying to figure out what they want to do?

Have you wondered the same thing yourself? Read on...

When you first start working, it can appear exciting. Earning money, in a challenging career and working with interesting people. But after a few years the gloss may wear off, you get overlooked for a promotion, or it just becomes a job and you question the value of the work you do—it maybe time to set yourself a challenge.

You have two choices— you can keep doing the same thing or start to explore alternatives. That doesn't mean giving up your job, at least not at the start. It means exploring options and asking yourself some deeper questions, like:

  • what am I passionate about?

  • what drives me to do all the hard work and still be excited about it?

  • how much money do I need to earn?

  • what sort of things would I like to do that bring meaning to my life?

If this resonates with you here are some things to explore. Read the article: Life's late bloomers prove that you're never too old for change Shifting to self employment for women 50+ and mentoring see Nigel Rawlings very special mentoring for women wisepreneurs.com.au Self Authoring— a series of online writing programs that collectively help you explore your past, present and future https://www.selfauthoring.com/

Also follow our podcasts as I will be doing one one about being on your true purpose and one on never giving up.


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